Join us as we #lovefirst in our local communities


TCC: CLEARFIELD - "Painted Stones to spread Christmas Cheer”

*DEC 15 @ Noon - Hand-paint Christmas messages of cheer and hope. Attach a card & candy cane.

*DEC 22 @ 10:30 - Deliver Christmas Stones in the community

Contact: [email protected]


TCC: DUBOIS (Hill & Downtown) - " Abominable Movie Night" & "Christmas Cheer Projects"

*DEC 18 @ 6PM - Family Movie Night (Abominable) at the TCC: DuBois (Hill) campus. We are looking for a team to come help serve.

Dec 22 @10:00 AM - Meeting at TCC: DuBois (Hill) to do caroling and other service projects. We also encourage you (as a life group or with friends) to get out there and spread Christmas cheer on the weekend of Dec. 21st and 22nd.

Some ideas:

  • Christmas caroling as a group
  • Shoveling your neighbor's driveway
  • Baking Christmas goodies and handing them out to people in your community

Contact: [email protected]


TCC: GRAMPIAN - "Christmas Caroling"

*DEC 22nd @ 10:30am - Join us in spreading cheer. We will be singing at local assisted living centers and then have lunch at the Grampian campus.

Contact: [email protected]


TCC: NORTH CENTRAL - "Christmas #LoveFirst Serve Projects"

*Dec 22 @ 10:00am 

Team 1: Wrap presents at the church.

Team 2: Sing Christmas Carols at local assisted living homes.

Team 3: Shovel driveways and sidewalks within the local community (if there is snow).

*Dec 22 @ 12:00pm

Lunch at North Central 

Contact: [email protected]


TCC: PUNXSY - "Movie with Santa"

*DEC 14th @ 10:00am 1:00 - Help with the "Movie and Santa" event at the Punxsutawney Community Center.

Contact: [email protected]


TCC: RIDGWAY - "Hot Chocolate Hand Out"

*DEC 22nd @ 10:00am 12:00 - Hand out hot chocolate at the local grocery store.

Contact: [email protected]